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4 Panels of Jesus

Candice Degraaf from Cornerstone Church in Anchorage, Alaska brings us these four panels to illustrate the life of Jesus.

The wooden flat backdrops were simple reclaimed fence wood attached to 2x4s.

The letters for the names of Jesus were done on a Cricut brand die-cut machine using cardstock and hot glued onto the wood.

The tomb stone and opening was cut from a 4×8 sheet of 1 and 1/2″ thick styrofoam from Lowes. Candice cut the circle-shaped stone (if you’ve been to Israel they’re actually circle like that) and spray painted it with 3 shades of brown. The paint “eats” the styrofoam a bit and creates natural looking grooves. The tomb opening was a rectangle piece of the styrofoam sprayed with black only from the edges inward to create the vignette look.

The Messiah robe was draped over a dress form (like a headless mannequin).

They added Christmas lights to the back, and there you have it!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

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2 responses to “4 Panels of Jesus”

  1. What a great way to iconograph the moments with these vignettes!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Love this!!! Trying to recreate these words. What font was used from the Cricut machine?

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