Stage Designs

A Cross the Ground

Kim Saquing from Bay Hills Community Church in Richmond, CA brings us this dangling design.

This design was accomplished in a gym. They wanted to create a lot of texture for the lights to pick up. They bought large amounts of various textured fabric and shades of white to beige sheer, muslin, and burlap. After rolling it out on the floor, they cut it into various widths and lengths of strips then began creating textures by stapling layers on 1″x3″x60″ wood. Each wood panel had custom C clamps to hold it onto their pipe and drape. They then created “chandeliers” with 2 sizes of hula hoops covered in the same fabric and then with strips of fabric tied on. They also created a cross communion table that was custom made. They used various candles to decorate it and pillows from IKEA for kneeling.

They spent about $300 on fabric, $200 on the cross, and $300 on decor elements (candles, pillows).







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