Stage Designs

A Warm Glow

Stephen Ellis at Keene Church in Keene, TX created this intimate design for a Jadon Lavik concert at the church. Since it was for a one-time event the stage elements needed to be cost effective and very portable. All of the materials except for the Par 36 cans were bought at Home Depot or Hobby Lobby.

The Towers for the lights were made of 4, 8 foot tall 1×1 spars with 1 foot plywood squares. The Par cans are mounted on to the 1 foot squares screwed on to the towers. To add some color Stephen replaced the flood bulbs with colored florescent party bulbs. The Tower lights were bought at Pier 1 but the same effect could be achieved with coroplast. All together the stage cost between $400 and $500. Set up time was 30 to 40 minutes and break down time was 20 minutes.

The Fabric Mustache Don't Crumple Me!