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Alien Green

Candace Shropshire from Fellowship Church at Granite Bay in Granite Bay, CA brings us this set you might have seen in Prometheus.

For their “Take Me to Your Leader” series, they went for an alien theme. They used metal screen door material leftover from one of their previous series to create trails from an alien ship. They attached their screening material to their truss with wire and draped it down to the back of the stage behind drum set.

They used yellow and green gels in Par64 lights to create the green/yellow effect. They also added green Christmas lights glowing under the stage.

Their initial cost was $150…but was actually free since they didn’t have to buy the leftover material.

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One response to “Alien Green”

  1. Tina says:

    Great idea! Looks fabulous. It’s amazing that you can get such a monumental effect with little cost. Love it.

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