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Throwback: All of the Lights

Chad Elliott from Revolution Church in Canton, Georgia brings us this stage design any rap video producer would be proud to call his own. (originally posted April 2011)

The set piece, sandwiched by two projections screens was created plywood wired from the back with sixty-six 60-watt light bulbs spelling LIGHT. The bottom piece is a framed plywood box lined with a thin piece of white plastic and lit from the back with four mega bar led bars. And, done!

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5 responses to “Throwback: All of the Lights”

  1. Eric says:

    Hey it's Swift! He is awesome (the only black guy on stage!) Love that guy!

  2. Blessed Sola says:

    Hey there,

    Did you need an electrician to link the light bulbs together?

    Also what type of plastic did you use for the ‘Us up’ sign?

    Love this setup! would love to do this for our youth services! If you had a step by step instructions of how u built this would be great! (email me: blessed@thedreamcentre.co.nz) if you can ;)

  3. Herman says:

    Where did you buy the white plastic sheet?

  4. Zack says:

    Please email everything I need to know about this setup!!! I love the idea! czmuzik@gmail.com

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