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Are You a Warrior?

Mike Gerrells and his team of volunteers at Crosspointe Church in Duluth, Georgia constructed this cool set for an Easter series.

The six home-made panels (shoji screens) are made of rice paper attached to plywood frames…lit with par cans. Then the 5 banners were printed on vinyl in-house. (Though your local sign company would love to print them for you.)

Diamonds and Stars Polygonal

4 responses to “Are You a Warrior?”

  1. jthtiger says:

    Very cool! Love the colors!

    Nice and symmetric. Something I find very beautiful on the stage! Good work!

    Love the theme as well!

  2. Todd Shackelford says:

    The four white banners were printed in-house and the middle banner was outsourced. Rice paper was actually printed on to give off the feel of framing and stapled to an overall frame…it took some time but paid off in the end.

  3. What are the dimensions for the banners?

  4. I love the warrior graphic… Where can I get that?

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