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At the Movies with Kids

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this elaborate set design that simply screams cinema.

Foam board and pressed cork board were the two main supplies for this set. The popcorn container was framed up by 2×4’s and covered by using two 4x8ft sheets of foam board, recycled 2x3ft styrofoam was used on the top to give the appearance of a full container.

To make the popcorn, they used balloons, blown up and then 3/4 of them were sprayed with expandable foam in a can, let dry, then popped, painted on the inside and brushed with a little yellow butter (paint). The three sided ones were created by using three balloons blown up small and tied together before they were sprayed.

The ticket was a recycled 4×8 sheet of 2 inch styrofoam and slightly carved out on the corners to create the proper shape. The action sign was made from cork board and then bulletin board letters were painted white and glued on the painted board. It was secured to a 4×4 black carpeted riser that was flipped on its side. The movie reel was framed by 2×4’s and then three 4×8 foam sheets were drawn out, cut and painted. It was purposely curved from the frame to the back wall to give a more dramatic cartoonish appearance.

And of course no movie would be complete without the movie film strip itself. This was created by cutting 6 inch by 8ft cork board so they could achieve bends that looked realistic. Framed by more 6 inch strips to divide the frames, painted black and then on the backside, 18 inch craft paper was doubled and taped to the back using packing tape. Slightly rectangular white copy paper was cut and glued to the front, then each 8ft section was secured to either the walls or 2×4 frames of another prop. Red carpet (borrowed), and cheap black and white material covered the floor of the stage.

Total hours: 20
Total cost: $85







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2 responses to “At the Movies with Kids”

  1. Angela Hoffman says:

    Great Job! This is awesome!

  2. Ruthann says:

    This is amazing! About how many cans of expandable foam did you use? Thanks!

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