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At the Shop

CJ Walters from Revive in Dry Ridge, KY brings us this stage design that looks like a mechanic shop.

From CJ: This design was for a sermon series entitled “Rebuilt”. The series was based on a person being rebuilt/restored in Christ just like a car would be brought back from rust to brand new. We went with a garage style theme for this series.

Starting as we always do with the center piece of the stage, we turned our drum cage into a semi/wrecker truck. To do this we enclosed the drum shield with plywood, leaving some of the shield exposed to represent a windshield. All plywood was painted, windshield wipers, mirrors, beacon lights, etc. we got from a towing company on loan were added to give it a more realistic feel. We then added a couple of smoke stacks ( 3 ft pieces of duct work ) and hooked fog machines to them using 1 inch PVC. A wrecker boom was added to the top, we just used an old truss we had and dropped chain down to a small car we borrowed from a friend of the church. The car did not have an engine and the entire body was made out of fiberglass which made it easy to get on stage ( wasn’t very heavy ).

The back wall was painted as an American flag made out of wrenches. We projected and traced/painted this to make it easy to install. After these two jobs were done, we called every church member we knew that was a car enthusiast looking to borrow anything car related they had. We added toolboxes, gas cans, a motorcycle, signs, etc. to fill the stage and get that garage look. We set up a place in our foyer using an actual Volkswagen Bug to help promote the series.

All in all we ended up spending around $100 on the set, most of the expense was for the two smoke stacks and some paint and brushes for the back wall. Everything else was borrowed and returned or we used material that we had from a previous build.











Drawn with LED Turf

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  1. maribel castro says:

    love it

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