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Backed Up

Pete Shively from Burlington Baptist Church in Burlington brings us this modified version of the Onward and Upward design.

They used existing screen backdrops that have been used for 2 years. They were removable for special services if needed like weddings and funerals.

The tall frames were 10ft tall and the short ones were just over 8 ft tall. They used 2×3 studs and metal screen material crumbled up to help catch the light. Both frames were about 47″ wide. They cut up 6″x1″ 6ft tall dog ear fence planks for the arrows.

Since they have a traditional sanctuary built in the 70’s with a white wall, they chose to backlight the arrows with 252 LED bars creating a silhouette effect. They also spray painted the frames white to blend in with the back wall but left the arrows the wood color.

The arrows were set at a 90-degree angle at the point and were spaced out to create a design. They chose to not make all the arrow designs the same as it might create a pattern that would be more distracting.

This project included buying two additional LED bars from They stayed under $250 total.

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Bubbles Submerged

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  1. Dan Poston says:

    Looks great, nice design

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