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Michael Arroyo from Fresh Start Church in Egg Harbor Township, NJ brings us this set that basically turns into one giant blinder.

Every August, they host their 3 day “August Rush” conference and this year’s theme was “Greater Than.” God is greater than everything. That theme, simple yet powerful, inspired their new stage design which could be described as a powerful wall of light.

The back wall consisted of 4 black pipes, each holding 3 blinders (ETC Pars), 4 LED panels and 1 LED par. The 2 center pars were focused on the drums and the 2 side pars were pointed onto the stage.

A total of 25 LEDs allowed for massive programing possibilities. With the drums centered, 4 LED panels were placed around them and one underneath.

Then 2 PowerSpots 575 were hung above, each side of the screens, and 4 placed onto the stage. These Powerspots aren’t the most powerful like other intelligent lights (Sharpys for example) so placing them on the stage close to all the singers and action allowed them to make a bigger impact than if simply hung in the air.

Finally the center piece of the whole stage was a giant, 8ft wide greater than symbol. First cut from plywood, painted white, then the edges were covered in a total of six 4ft long LED fluorescent bars. Using LED allows them to dim them and ensure they did not blow out like normal fluorescents often do. The whole thing was hung using basic rigging cables.

Overall, the set was clean, bright, and powerful. The use of 1-1/4″ pipes has allowed for a floating look in the lights.

The entire set only cost about $450, yet looks as if it cost $1000.










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4 responses to “Blinding”

  1. Samuel says:

    Hello, awesome look! Do you have the reference or link from the small Led panels and the ETC pars LED? I’m not really finding them online. I actually plan to do a set up on my church overseas :)

  2. Taneshia says:

    How did you secure the lights to the plywood and what brackets did you use so you can attach it from the ceiling.

  3. stephen says:

    Hey, would love to do this led fluorescent center piece concept but can’t find where you bought them or how you rigged them up.

    your greater than sign is one half of an M or W. We would love to double it or quadruple it for under $500 and don’t know if its possible

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