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Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Lindsay Hefner and Shane Hollar at Shawnee United Methodist in Lima, Ohio, wanted to get away from the more traditional Christmas looks, so they developed this frosty blue set design.

To create the magic they hung two sets of 4’x5′, cool white LED net lighting on the back wall. Then they put a 2″ x 4″ bracket on the wall and hung the fabric from the brackets so it was away from the lights. To light the fabric they used LED light bars on the ground to create a gradient effect.

The boxes were built from wooden frames and covered with two layers of white Muslin fabric–one layer inside and one outside. They added black trim to the outside of the boxes to give them defined edged and the boxes were lit with colored flood lights.

For a nice little touch they added 3′ white christmas trees with cool white LED lights. Voila!

Entertaining Worship Living Room

9 responses to “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”

  1. Chandra says:

    I wanted to create this design,what type of fabric did you use on the stage design?

    • Joel says:

      not sure if anyone told you but i would guess based on the translucent appearance it would be a nuvoil (sp?) or a silk of some sort.

  2. Lindsay Hefner says:

    The boxes are covered in 2 layers of white Muslin. The back wall fabric is white dress liner- it's super cheap and has an iridescent look. The billows are the white dress liner as well- 2 layers to diffuse the light better. We used all white so we can change the colors easily by using different lights or gels.

  3. Andy says:

    Can you tell me what wattage bulbs were used in the boxes?

  4. Debi DeBanto says:

    Lindsay, This is beautiful. We are going to try to do something similar for this year at Christ United Methodist Church in Kettering, Ohio. So glad I found this and thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

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