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Bowed Stacks

Joel Burbrink from The Point in Seymour, IN brings us these cool stacks of bowed Coroplast.

This design came out of a previous design they had for Easter. Joel had a bunch of strips of Coroplast that he had used for an Easter Series. They were in several different lengths and widths and created a star burst effect. He wanted to use them in a different way, so he choose ones that were the same width and length to create a more clean, balanced look.
Once he chose the size needed, he placed them in a horizontal position. He also bowed each piece outward to create dimension and shadows when lighting the set.

This design went up in just 2 hours and cost them nothing.









Using LED Lighting and Haze Together Segments

8 responses to “Bowed Stacks”

  1. Lance says:

    Very cool! Would love to know some details about the lighting. Thanks!

    • Joel Burbrink says:

      Sure! We just used LED cans as well as some LED bar lights. The bar lights were on the floor lighting from below. Some cans were on the floor and others were mounted to the truss. We then use intells to add some interest during the service. Let me know if you need anything else!

  2. Veronique Samson says:

    Great! I was wondering if you could tell me how you attached the curved coroplast to the background? Thanks!

  3. Derek O says:

    I am loving this design… I notice it looks like two or 3 different color pieces of croroplast. Are you using clear and white croroplast? or is it lighting that gives it that effect?

  4. LEO says:

    Hey I was wondering what did you use to fasten the coroplast to the wall? It looks like you have some sort of paneling to work off of. I bet that helped out. LMK

    • Joel Burbrink says:

      Yes. Our back wall is all wood. This allows us to fasten to it. It is all grooved. I just used a staple gun to fasten the pieces!

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