Christmas Designs

Bubble Tree

Stan Brantley from FBC Oviedo in Oviedo, Florida brings us this bubbly, Christmas masterpiece.

They created the Christmas tree in the center from paper lanterns ranging from 20 to 42 inches in size. They first built a tower-like frame out of aircraft cable that was attached to the floor and pulled tightly up toward the ceiling with a cable motor. Then they attached the lanterns to the frame with zip-ties.

They built the base of the tree with Coroplast.

They built the banners in the back with black weed block painted gray with a broom.

Dropping Twinkles Mancave

3 responses to “Bubble Tree”

  1. James Tucker says:

    As much as I think the scenery looks amazing…

    I have to point out that the lighting looks awesome! Everyone is pretty well lit, great color combos, and looks.

  2. Luke says:

    Did you use Natural or White coroplast? Looks great!

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