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Cathedral Grid

Cory Knuth from Zion Christian Church in Troy, MI brings us this gridded image for their stage.

This design was partially inspired by Destroyed City. The image itself is of an old abandoned church in the area and was purchased from a local photographer. Cory had the image printed in 2′ tiles on rolls of poster paper. They cut out each one and affixed it to Coroplast using spray adhesive. Then, in order to save money as the budget was tight, instead of building an entire wood frame to support it as they did for Destroyed City, they laid out the squares in their vertical columns of 6 and stretched fishing line from bottom to top. They used 3 inch spacers to set the gaps and then used duct tape along the entire height of each square to attach it to the fishing line. This way, there wouldn’t be cumulative weight on the top squares but each square would only have to support its own weight.

Then they hung the columns from the ceiling. Spacing them correctly was challenging but by spray painting paintsticks black and taping them across each horizontal gap, they were able to maintain those distances. Cory used 9 Elation LED pars to front light the image (one for each column). The total cost was around $600, though most of that was just for the printing—about $500 for a 18′ x 12′ image.






Not a Fan Stage Drops of Heaven

2 responses to “Cathedral Grid”

  1. Rev. Al says:

    Wow! that looks great.
    I’m thinking of something similar with printing large scale tiles and mounting on foam board than displaying with a diffused light from the front bottom. thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Joe Perry says:

    We are taking on our 1st satellite campus and time is a challenge (end of September)
    What we need at the main/host campus is a complete stage re-design with lighting that will serve as a back drop for live streaming (as opposed to pulling down a screen, etc.)
    So what we need is:

    • The design itself
    • Contractors to complete the work – do you provide or do we, with the design have to contract out
    • Time frame doable?

    Please email or call 828-667-4313 Joe Perry 1st; Christy Casavant at ext 218 2nd. Joe’s cell: 828-708-2818 Thank you!

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