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Stephen Ellis from Younger Generation Church in Arlington, TX brings us these walls of candle-lit vases tangled in string.

Stephen and his team, Michael Drake, Christopher Ellis, and Deirdre Rivera-Martin used about 4,000 feet of twisted mason line from Home Depot. They stapled the string onto some stage flats they built. Then for accent light they wrapped vases holding battery tea lights with the mason line and hung them on the wall. They laced string over them to hold them in place.

Stephen bought the vases from Hobby Lobby for $1.50 each. The mason line was $50. And the 1×1’s and plywood for the stage flats cost about $10 for each 8×8 foot frame. The total cost was around $100.

For the string installation in the prayer room, they used about 2600 feet of baling twine. Stephen tucked it into the ceiling and pined back to the wall. He hung one under-mount puck style cabinet light over it for down lighting.

You can check out the prayer room details in this video overview from their conference.

Star Wall Stationary

3 responses to “Caught in the Web”

  1. Jenaé M. Phipps says:

    Way to go cuz. I mIss working with you. The layout was fabulous maybe I will get assigned there as a student pastor. Praise God for your talent. Continue working for God you are a great blessing with your visionary style.

  2. ntizda says:

    I like the design, but I love the setup of the band in this and the simplicity of the lighting, I like the closeness feel of the musicians

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