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Checker Back Wall

Vickie Wuellner from Lenexa Christian Center in Lenexa, KS brings us this checkered black back wall covered by The App Wall.

These guys renovated their whole stage.

They started by designing a 20′ by 40′ black wall. They covered their current baptistry and panel design.

They made the wall out of fifty 4’x4′ squares. They built the squares from 1″x4″ and 1″x6″ pine boards painted black. They took black foam board and stapled it to make the boxes. The backs were evenly put together so it gave the checkerboard effect on the front.

They made the “apps” out of Luan boards painted and stapled together on 1″x2″ boards painted black. The boards helped them guarantee the spacing was straight. Each app was 2’x2′ and they made 85 apps in total.

They lit the wall with 12 LED Par Cans.

Black wall cost: $480.

Apps and paint cost: $360.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Wondering if you could explain in more detail how you got the checkerboard effect? It looks like your foam boards are at different depths? Thanks

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