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Stephen Sisson from Fellowship of Faith in Gallipolis, OH brings us this chess board on their stage.

For their current series, “All the King’s Men” they wanted to focus on the true character of a man of God. They decided to use various pieces on a chess board to display these characteristics.

The chess board pattern was achieved by repurposing some foam flooring by painting it and fixing it to the back wall of their stage. The chess pieces were designed by a member of their Graphic Arts team who just happened to have access to a laser cutter at his day-job. They were then assembled and painted white on one side and black on the other so they could turn them at different times throughout the series. They ranged in height from just under 3′ for the Pawn to just over 4′ for the King.

They spray painted the pieces, but in hindsight they would have rolled or brushed on the paint to save money.

The costs were wood: $25 and spray paint: $75.

ATKM - Look 1

ATKM - Look 2





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