Stage Designs

Throwback: Circle Trees

This circular tree stage design comes from Jonathan Malm (hey, that’s me!) at The Summit Church in Corpus Christi, Texas. (Originally posted November 2012)

To built this set they started with seven sheets of Natural Coroplast. They cut using a razor blade and various circular items as guides. The edges were a bit rough, but completely unnoticeable from 20 feet away.

Then they traced some curvy tree trunks and branches onto some plywood using a projector and some massive Sharpie markers. They cut them out using a saw, painted them black, and created some stands for the back of them so they could be screwed into the stage. They attached the circles onto the branches from behind using a staple gun.

They back lit the majority of them using inexpensive LED par lights (front lighting the ones against the back wall). They built some black fabric barriers to block the LED lights from being visible (since they were pointing toward the audience).

A Secret Chord LED Sprinkles