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Cleanse Your Pallet

Leyvaine Davida from C3 Church North Shore in Auckland brings us this their first stage design ever.

They designed this urban rough pallet concept for a men’s conference. They got 20 pallets of all different sizes. They layed the first ten across the stage, then layed the next ten on top. The second layer of pallets on top were all trimmed on top to give an even look. Then all the pallets were cable tied and small metal joined to keep them stable. They layed two 5mm LED strips behind them to give them some life and chalked typed words on top of them.

They also used 4 LED Par cans on the far ends and center of the pallets to bring more light to the pallets

They got the pallets for free and it took them a couple hours to assemble.







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One response to “Cleanse Your Pallet”

  1. Zina Torres says:

    Loved the simplicity and the graphic rugged style it created. The light finished it off. Great stage design. Congrats and blessings to the creative team!

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