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Cloth Sun

Stephen Parker from The Pointe Church in Fort Wayne, IN brings us this awesome, dynamic set piece that looks like a rising sun.

Their series was called Mercy Rising. The set featured a sun suspended with wire with the ability to raise up and down. They got the idea from the Broadway Lion King set and created their own design for the sun. Using lighting, they made the room appear as if a sun was rising on stage.

Dotted Trees Staggered

9 responses to “Cloth Sun”

  1. Tesha Soto says:


    I had a question about your rising sun. I am doing the production of the Lion King and have embarked on the mission of building this sun, but have not found on line a place to go and see what would be the best strategy to do so and which materials work best. I was wondering if you could give me a bit of info on how you guys built yours. Thanks so much.

  2. Katrina says:

    Hi! I am also in charge of making a sun rise and fall for a school Lion King production. I hit a wall looking for durable clear, almost invisible, rope to use to move the sun up then down, and to not show against a “peach sky” background, and then a black background. What “rope” did you use? I’d appreciate any input! Thank you!!

  3. Melanie Brewer says:

    Would love to know dimensions and cloth used. Would purchase if anyone has it for sale. Would love to use for our upcoming vbs. Thanks so much.

  4. Brian Mahaney says:

    I’m the set designer for a local community theater. We are doing Lion King Jr. I, too, am curious of rough dimensions and fabric you used to create this? Thank you.

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