Stage Designs

Cloud of Witnesses

Ed Pausig from Christ The Rock Community Church in Menasha, WI brings us this cloud of witnesses for their series “Together We”.

Their creative team came up with this design built out of thick multi corrugated circles and people with 1 1/2″ pink insulation styrofoam painted black for the Jesus silhouette.

A cluster of 4 LED fixtures suspended on threaded rod from above were lighting the clouds below the Jesus figure. All the other LED’s were on the stage floor behind the 8′ x 18″ tables with corrugated people silhouettes supported by metal angle brackets. Layers of props allowed the lighting to leave black surfaces completely in the dark.

White fabric pinned to the black curtain filled in the areas not covered by circles and allowed all the silhouette figures to show up with great contrast.







Growing Foliage Dotted Half Moons