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Clouded Walls

Ryan McAlister and Josh Williams from Velocity Church in Taylors, SC bring us these textured walls that look like clouds.

This stage design is made up of painted wooden panels that were painted white and smeared with a mixed gray paint. They wanted something that would create a forced perspective illusion to make the stage appear large and appealing to the eye. So they built frames from 2x4s and used Luan wood for the white panels. They painted a smeared design on them to draw the eye in toward center stage.


They used Chauvet Colorstrips to light the panels, and Chauvet Intimidator 350’s and Par 34s flown in the ceiling. American Dj TriPar 7x’s were used for colored front lighting. Then on top of the riser, they placed ColorBars to give a cool effect on the haze as it rose over the drums.

Materials costs around $400, and they used the lights they currently had.






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3 responses to “Clouded Walls”

  1. Leigh says:

    Love this design we have a fairly low ceiling and shallow stage so this would be great to add some depth and dimension to the stage.

    Great inspiration thanks guys!

  2. Eva Tercero says:

    How did you guys place them on stage? Were the panels attached to something to keep them from moving?

  3. Justin says:

    Can I get a little more detail on the smearing process?

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