Christmas Designs

Crisp Night

Shelli Mosteller from Community Christian Church in Hamilton, OH brings us this beautiful stage design.

They borrowed this idea from Particles of Christmas and put a little different spin on it.

They bought 4×8 styrofoam insulation from Home Depot. Then they randomly drilled holes all over the boards. They painted one side black (eggshell latex). Then they zigzagged white Christmas lights all over the backs of the boards (lights were donated and they used all kinds, icicle, single strand–icicle strands worked the best). They arranged the boards on the floor and labeled them so they’d know what order they went in. They planned it out so that the plugs and outlets lined up so they could daisy chain the boards together. Then they built giant frames with 2x4s they already had. They put the frames up and then used a lift to help get the boards up and mounted onto the frames. Weighted the base of the frames, plugged it all in and it was ready to go. The white lanterns were just 20″ paper lanterns they found on Amazon and got on sale. They had some pendant cords they got from IKEA, bought some 40W LED bulbs (so they wouldn’t set anything on fire), and dropped those into the lanterns and hung them from their light bar.

They already had a lot of the materials, or people donated them, so they did this set for around $200.










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