Stage Designs

Crumpled in a V

Mike Foudy from Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, TX brings us his take on the Screens Are Falling Down stage design.

This is a satellite campus, and their message is rear-projected onto a center screen that motors down from the proscenium. So they can’t do anything in the center with much height.

The screens were the bright aluminum screen, 6 ft. wide and 22′ high for the taller ones, about 17′ high for the next highest, and about 10′ for the middle. They bought a 6′ x 100′ roll at Lowes for around $220. The pieces are stapled at top and bottom of each with 1” x 4” planks and hung with tie line through eye screws – then weighted at the bottom.

They were lit from a catwalk position with Elektralite PaintCans. The trusses (Applied Electronics Medium-grade truss) were lit from the bottom with German Light Products LED Base4 Truss Toners. The movers were Elektralite my575.4 spots, with Elektralite PaintCans as overhead/back lighting color washes.

Cut Out Here's to Hope