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Different Lights

The “Awe and Wonder” Team from Joy! Lutheran Church in Gurnee, IL brings us this cool mixture of lightbulbs and glass ornaments.

This was for their fall stewardship campaign. They were building upon the passage where Jesus says, “You are light!” Every time someone does something for the sake of others with their time, talent, or treasures, we shine light on someone’s darkness. They were challenging everyone to be different by doing one thing different with the calendars, skills, and financial resources.

They replicated the lights in the sermon series logo using black yarn, a clear christmas ornament, and a communion cup spray painted grey.

Cost: under $50

The Process

1) Cut 7 pieces of PVC and hung 10 pieces of varied length black yarn on each
2) Then they took the painted communion cups which had a hole dripped through them and slid them onto the yarn and then tied the ornament onto the end
3) They attached the lights to the stage by hanging the PVC
4) They also added four real working lights into the mix. So the majority of the lights were off with the exception of the four real ones.








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2 responses to “Different Lights”

  1. julie angel says:

    Get idea,nice work!

  2. J. says:

    What wattage were the bulbs that you used which were real?

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