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Domino Wall

Matt Armstrong from Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX brings us this cool, functional domino wall for a marriage conference.

They cut roughly 250 2×4’s into ~7″ “dominos” to build a 10’x40′ domino wall for the Marriage Ministry Conference. Matt used sketchup to model the wall and determine how many dominos they would need (about 3200). All numbers were rough as 2x4s are inconsistent, so they simply made more than they thought they would need. Cutting took several days with 3 miter saws. A team of less than 10 volunteers assembled the wall in under 2 hours. It never fell before they intended it to. Further details and videos are on his blog at×4-domino-wall/.










Summer Tubes Drop Shadow

2 responses to “Domino Wall”

  1. Bradley McCarty says:

    That’s CRAZY! Nice job!

  2. Gary Clegg says:

    Great Idea! Great execution. Very creative. I would love to try this but I have 6 services in three locations.

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