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Dot Logos

Humberto Renovato at Family Worship Center in Uvalde, Texas brings us this design inspired by Digital Words.

They collected over 500 empty water bottles from their church during a span of 3 months. They used four 4×8 Sheets of plywood to create 2×4 letters. They carefully drew them on the plywood and cut them out. Then they drilled 2″ holes—making sure that the water bottles would fit just right. They measured the holes evenly which did take a lot of thinking to make sure it would look even throughout the whole piece of plywood. After cutting out the letters and drilling the hundreds of holes, they painted each of the letters flat black with paint they already had from previous projects. Their last process was to put the water bottles through the holes.

They also built two 12x3ft towers and two 8x3ft towers for the actual stage. These were also done using:

41x12x12 white wood #1
4 1x12x8 white wood #1
3 1/4inch under lament wood 4×8

They built these towers and painted the exterior flat black and the interior with basic white paint.

Total in material: $250

They lit the towers using Chauvet Colorpalettes and lit the Letters using three 4ft Colorstrips—placing them behind the letters.






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  1. Benjamin says:

    Love the creativity…. Nothing goes to waste!

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