Stage Designs

Dot Matrix

Kyle Harbour from Cathedral Of Faith in San Jose, California brings us these big, glowing dots all over their stage.

Kyle got his inspiration from the Gaps and Spaces design. He really loved the wood feel with the holes of light shooting through.

They had 9 60″ LCD Samsung tvs, and they used them for different content during service. For worship they play moving backgrounds or videos on the 7 TVs hanging vertically. The 2 TVs hanging horizontally were used for teaching monitors during the message.

Under the TV’s and the stage risers, they used mahogany wood and drilled 4″ holes in it. Then they took some Rosco #250 diffusion and taped it to the back.
He used parcans to shoot white light through the holes under the band.

He used iColor Cove MX Powercore lights to shoot through the holes under the tv to give me some color.

The texture on the back wall, came from textured drywall that has waves in it. They hit the wall with Chroma Q color blocks to give it some depth.

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