Stage Designs

Dotted Half Moons

Theresa Brandon and Nate Parker from Willow Creek Huntley in Huntley, IL brings us these styrofoam cup dotted half moons.

This design is a variation of Big Baller, and was designed by Nathan Parker, Technical director for Willow Creek Huntley, and Theresa Brandon. The background for each piece was 4′ x 8′ foam, painted black. Each piece had about 100 foam cups glued in concentric circles using 4 or 5 dots of low temp hot glue on each cup. (8 ounce cups from, 1000 for $34). They would mark out the baseline and the outer circle and then eyeball the layout of the rest of the cups. The first one they did took the longest to layout, but it got easier and faster as they did more panels. They would get up on a ladder to look down at the panels to make sure the layout was fine before they would glue them into place.





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