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Extruded Letters

Gary Clegg from The Crossing Church in Tampa, Florida brings us this set design for a series called Momentum.

They created a back banner out of a poly/muslin blend and printed in Atlanta. The drop was 30′ X 20′ when completed. It had ties on top and a pole pocket on the bottom. The MOMENTUM letters they created in Illustrator and sent to a local sign company that had a large format styrene hot knife cutter that cut out each letter. They also cut out a PVC face to the letters that were glued to the face for the styrene. A large format printer was used to create the images on the front of the letters. The letters were place throughout the stage were needed and lit with LED lighting they had in-house.





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5 responses to “Extruded Letters”

  1. S Shay says:

    Love the set! We are in your neighborhood and would LOVE to know what printing company you used.

  2. Brad says:

    Cool design but man where did you find foam core that thick?
    How thick is it? Looks like 24″


  3. Desmond says:

    What company in Atlanta did ya’ll use for the banner?

  4. Contact me – 734-287-4673 on how to order extruded letters “HOPE” like that exampled in “Momentum” photo

  5. Contact me – 734-287-4673 on how to order extruded letters “HOPE” like that shown in “Momentum” photo

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