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Feminine Stage Design

Jessica King from Calvary Christian Church in Townsville, Queensland, Australia brings us this stage design for their annual Women’s Conference: “Your Best Life”.

The central design elements were pallets and light bulbs. The back wall featured 9 pallets in a row, with 14 exposed filament light bulbs hanging at varying heights in front of the pallets. They used an assortment of 95mm and 125mm sphere bulbs, all ordered from a local electrical wholesaler. They hung another 8 bulbs on their rear lighting bar (4 on each side) with giant hearts made of drift wood purchased from a local homewares store.

They created 2 pallet art features for the left and right of the stage. These were mounted on a pile of damaged pallets and screwed in place.

They used 4 industrial wooden spools of different sizes (2 on each side) which were decorated with books, candles, vases and flowers.

Lighting was a mix of washers, LED strips, blinders and movers.







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  1. Jennifer says:

    I am curious as to where you got your light bulbs and strands

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