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Throwback: Fizz

Orlando Palagallo from Iglesia El Sendero de la Cruz in San Juan, Puerto Rico brings us this stage design that looks like a glass of bubbly. (Originally posted April 2013)

This was their stage design for a concert from Sheila Romero at their church.

They used red backdrop fabric 30 feet high by 40 feet wide and about 50 paper lanterns in different sizes from Oriental Trading. They spent about $100 in materials.

40 feet of trussing.
4 Chauvet Beam Led 350
4 Chauvet Legend 3000
2 Chauvet Followspots
26 Par 64 Slim Led
1 Chauvet Nimbus low fog
2 Martin Magnum 2500 hazer

Team: Orlando Palagallo, Misael Afanador, Kenneth Machuca, Danny Rosa, Jacky Reyes, Lizbeth Guidini







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5 responses to “Throwback: Fizz”

  1. Alex says:

    Where did you purchase your paper lanterns from? We were looking to do this and all of the places we found lanterns were super expensive!

  2. John Gill says:

    I’m not from this church but it appears they have only bought the paper replacement peices, not the full lantern, so without the electrics this should be a much more reasonable buy. Also it looks like they just used LEDs top and bottom to bring them out! Great design nice and easy! Good job guess creates a great vibe!

  3. Stefanie Baxter says:

    It says that they purchased the lanterns from Oriental Trading Company.

  4. Orlando Diaz says:

    I have purchased some from the paper lantern store about a year ago and they are still going strong. Prices aren’t too bad either.

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