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Throwback: Floaters

Van Metschke at South Hills Church in Corona, California brings us these floating squares. (Originally from June 2012)

To create the set, they started with 2×3 black Coroplast panels. They added crumpled newspaper to the panels using 3M Super77 spray-on adhesive. They stapled the panels to their wall, but they could easily be hung using hooks. Then they lit the panels with LED lights from the floor.

Scott Anderson and the team at Crossroads Church in Corona, CA supplied the panels.

Plus, check out their home-made music stand blinders.

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9 responses to “Throwback: Floaters”

  1. Debbie Parish says:

    I love the look! Instructions?

  2. Allen says:

    What LED lights did you use! BTW, looks awesome!

  3. Van Metschke says:

    Super simple. Black coroplast 2×3. Newspaper crumpled up then glued spread over the coroplast (use hot glue or 3M Super 77).

    We have Mega-Lite Leds but, they flicker on video, so I would look at Kolor-Kinetics.

  4. JT Clark says:

    Did you guys use 1 LED fixture per column? Also, did you light from top and bottom? If the lights were just from the bottom, could you specify which Mega-Lite LEDs you used? We can’t find the LED’s that you’ve suggested. We appreciate your help!

  5. Deb Parish says:

    Can you tell me the width of your stage?

  6. Dan4mCoChrist says:

    So simplistic it would of never occurred to me that it was newspaper attached to the wall,???, way to go.

  7. Eric Harrison says:

    Very cool idea. The link of the music stand blinders does work.

  8. michelle says:

    Want that music stand blinder info but the link is broken.

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