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Throwback: Fly With Me

These fabric masterpieces are brought to us by Alex Armstrong at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA. It’s a very simple design using linen-type fabric tied off on the floor, draped over a bar, and flown out over the audience. He lit the fabrics with only 10 Chauvet Colorado LED panels.

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11 responses to “Throwback: Fly With Me”

  1. jthtiger says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!!!

    I'm kind of speechless.

    -Tyler Herron

  2. Steven Hall says:

    Alex, This looks great I love the atmosphere you created with just some fabric. It is very beautiful


  3. Angela says:

    How expensive would this be to duplicate?

  4. Yes how expensive. DO we have an exact price.

    • alex armstrong says:

      the fabric would probably be roughly $200. I had about $25,000 in lights but you can do it way cheaper and still be able to get away with it.

  5. alex armstrong says:

    I used 10 Chauvet Colorado's, 6 Chauvet mini colorstrips, 6 Chauvet colorstrips, and 6 coemar prospot 250 lx. The kind of chauvet colorado's I used specifically they don't make anymore, but you could get the job done just fine with any of the colorado pannels. The Colorstrips were only for visual FX to light the audience only because I was in a room that could fit up to 500 people. I also used the Jands Vista S3 for the console.

    • Glendora Woodard says:

      Thanks Alex! What type of fabric was used for this stage design? I love the look and want to try to reproduce it. I appreciate your help.

  6. Alex says:

    I believe it was some type of silky type fabric. Im not sure of the exact type fabric, but that’s what it felt like. Hope that helps!

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