Stage Designs

Frag Wall

David Tatum from Covenant Community Church in Vacaville, CA brings us this stained glass-ish wall of Jesus.

David created a painting out of 16 panels of canvas 8 panels wide by 2 panels high. The initial design was drawn by pencil and then tapped off with blue tape. From there, they painted the different sections. After the painting was done they removed the blue tape to create the negative space and the outline of the design. They hung the painting on the back wall with velcro.

The original sermon series was called Jesus Revealed, so they covered each panel with black cloth and revealed one or two panels each week to finally reveal the painting in the end.

Since taking it down he put hinges on the top and bottom to fold the painting into eight sections so it transports well. The total cost was somewhere around $400 for the 16 canvases and the paint supplies.







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