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Fruits and Pallets

Jake Walter from Bethel Assembly in Rapid City, South Dakota brings us these pallet towers sporting the different fruit of the spirit.

They took pallets and braced them together on the backside with 1×1’s. They were stacked 3 high, 2 high, and 1 high. There were words stapled onto the pallets. They used blank newspaper rolls and cut out the letters using a projector. Next, they spray painted the letters and made all the words different color variations.

There was a lighting fixture attached to the top of each pallet section. It was an incandescent lighting fixture they bought from Lowe’s with a tin hood attached. The pallets were braced to the floor with 2×4’s.



Project: Banners Rockies

2 responses to “Fruits and Pallets”

  1. susan says:

    I like this alot. The photo is too dark to do it justice. I’d love love to see more photos from different angles and such and hear about how you constructed it. Good job!

  2. Nathan says:

    I am working on this design for our sermon series on the Fruits of the Spirit- thanks for sharing- great idea!

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