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Gifty Christmas

Brock Thornsbrough from North Webster Church of God in North Webster, Indiana brings us this Christmas design filled with gigantic presents.

Their Christmas theme was Christmas Presence. Brock wanted a look that would play off of the word, so they decided to wrap lots of empty boxes and fill the stage with them. He also knew that he wanted a pop in the center, so they used a 12′ tree that they already owned and, to make it grand, they used blue deco mesh bought at Hobby Lobby. Behind the tree Brock wanted a curtain, but they had a very small budget. So he found three table cloths that were silver sequins and had one of the ladies from the church sew a pocket along the top. The table cloths were from He paid $124 for all three.

The tall presents on the stage were frames that they already had. They were 8′ by 4′ and had Coroplast on the back of them.

The wrapping paper was all purchased at a local discount Christmas store. 60 rolls for $120. All the boxes were donated and people from the church began wrapping them starting at the end of October.

All the lighting was done with American DJ LED lights.

Total cost for the stage was a $325.










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2 responses to “Gifty Christmas”

  1. Virgil & Cindy Cisney says:

    The stage is beautiful!!!!! Would love to see it in person.

  2. Kirk Mitchell says:

    Can I ask the reason you decided to make this design? Is there a spiritual value behind the set that you are pushing at all?

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