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Duncan Campbell from New Braunfels Church in New Braunfels, Texas brings us this look they used when they were temporarily holding service in a gym.

From Duncan: When the main auditorium was closed for remodeling, worship was moved to the Community Life Center (i.e. gym) for three weeks. The idea was to create a contemporary, charming space for worship that made you forget you were in a gym. We did this by effectively lowering the ceiling with the lights, hanging Coroplast low as though it were a sculpture, and making the space smaller with the huge muslin curtain, which also provided a way for people to enter without attracting attention. We tried to cover the scoreboard with Coroplast too, but it was too high for ladders to be safe, so we just dealt with it.

We didn’t have powerful enough projectors to throw an image from across the gym. Solution: use a domed safety mirror as a DIY ultra-short throw for ambient textures (that way it didn’t matter if the images were warped), and use a second projector for lyrics. The Coroplast was arranged for visual interest and to create several small “screens” rather than one big one. We cut the Coro to size, threaded fishing line through the flutes, then tied it to the steel cable. The idea was to make it look more like an art installation, with the added dimension of projection mapping.

7 sheets of 4×8 Coroplast
30 lb fishing line
Nylon bolts, washers and wing nuts
4 strips of outdoor cantina lights from Lowe’s @ 24’ each
60’ x 14’ muslin from Scenic Source Theater Supply, Dallas, TX
*Nylon rope and self-locking pulleys
*Beam clamps
*Painter’s scaffold
*8 SlimPAR 64 par cans. 6 for uplighting. 2 to wash the stage.
*30’ x 8’ muslin from JoAnn
*Steel Cable and turnbuckles
*Matrox TH2G, 2 projectors, HDMI over Cat5
*180º Safety mirror from Amazon
*Floor lamps from Ikea
*Temp staging

Cost: Appox. $750
*items we already on hand/owned

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  1. Jeremy Ginn says:

    This is very cool!! Great idea!

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