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Hanging LED

Keegan Purdie from Elevation Church Redlands in Brisbane, Australia brings us this fun LED tape design.

This stage design was created to break up the stage and provide an abstract triangle look. They were aiming for something simple and different.

The triangles were made out of pine wood and were roughly 1 meter on each side. Six triangles were made at the start, however because of limited space and cecoders, they only hung two on each side.

Each triangle is made of 3 meters of 5050 12V LED Strip, which can be found on Ebay. The control box for each triangle was a DMX decoder 3-Channel, powered by a 12V power supply.

The triangles were hung with fishing wire, which they have changed and moved over the months. The control boxes and power supplies were stored in the lighting truss above.


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3 responses to “Hanging LED”

  1. Leigh says:

    Hi I love this design very easy and simple. I was wondering where abouts you got the decoders and strips from in Australia we are a melbourne based church and I really want to do some designs with the LED tape.

    • Keegan says:

      I just brought the 5050 Strips and DMX Decoders from eBay, shipped within Australia. You’ll also need power supplies and RGB 4pin wire, if you want to distance your strips from your decoders.

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