Stage Designs

Heavier Rain

Terrence O’Briant from East Coast Believers Church in Casselberry, FL brings us this great stage redesign.

They have a small stage and shallow/wide auditorium. So they needed a fairly flat design that would be easy to change up. So they painted the stage walls black and hung a black velvet curtain against the wall across the whole back of the stage. They bought remnants from Dazian to decrease the cost of the curtain.

They got the column idea from So Fresh and So Clean. So they built columns out of poplar 1X1’s and painted them black. They lined them with diffusion gel material that they got in 25′ rolls, and lit them from within with two UltraLED MR16 warm white LED fixtures from Techni-Lux for each column.

They had a cloth banner printed with their logo and cityscape image that hangs center stage.

Between the columns, they hung Diamond Crystal Beaded Curtains that they bought from The beaded curtains and banner were downlit with 4 DL-BAR10TC24 tricolor bars from Techni-lux. They hung a valance in order to hide the light fixtures and rigging and give a much cleaner look.

Total cost for just the design elements was about $2000. And it took 15 people a day and a night to install (this included fixtures and a new lighting control system).

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