Special Event Design


Dan Burd from True North Community Church from Long Island, NY brings us these relics and a huge, cracked safe on their stage.

Their series was “The Heist” – about things the enemy wants to steal from us. It ran for 7 weeks and each week they looked at a famous heist and what they could learn from it. Dan commissioned 7 artists to do one piece for each weeks theme – one for identity, peace, connection to God, freedom, integrity, future and eternity.

They built a vault on stage using standard hollywood flats and the door was made from 2″ thick rigid insulation from Home Depot. They built the jail bars out of PVC and 1×3’s. Dan purchased a laser and mounted mirrors to the inside of the vault to bounce back and forth on. They attached a metal dryer duct to the front of the hazer, ran it in front of the opening, and punched holes in it so the haze would rise right in the laser’s path.

Each week they would place the corresponding artwork in the vault and police line over where it was on the wall in the “Great Hall.”

The columns were made from concrete form tubes and some spare ply and crown moulding.

Rose Stuck in the Corner