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Throwback: He’s Got the Whole World…

Joel Caron, the Production Designer at Fielder Road Baptist Church in Arlington, TX submitted this fantastic and inexpensive stage design.

All of the supplies used in this design can be purchased at Home Depot and Ikea for under $200.

Joel took some blankets from Ikea and stapled them to the back of some 1×4″ wood frames. He then attached the wood frames using aircraft cable to some steel pipes and truss (Only because they had to be able to roll them on and off stage for other events).

He lit the paper lanterns using Wiedamark Colorwasher HP and the fabric panels using 2 – MAC 2K wash fixtures. The paper lanterns were hung with simple black tie line.

For the giant globe in the center, his original goal was to use a Puffersphere, which was featured in Coldplay’s Viva La Vida tour, but the budget didn’t allow for that. After doing some research, he ended up purchasing a 12′ inflatable PVC sphere (basically a large white beach ball) and projecting on it use an extra projector he had, using a Catalyst Media server on a Macbook Pro that fed the projector.

Joel’s original intent was to edge blend two projectors and use warping on the media server to blend them, which would have been very tricky. In addition, the projectors he had access to would have been unsightly due to their size and weight. He ended up just using a single projector on the same axis as the center of the sphere, which worked very well within a 120 degree viewing angle, which was about 90 percent of the seats in our room.  To soften the edges of the globe, he applied a 5 percent edge blend. During the message, he used an animated earth texture that made it look like the globe was actually spinning.

Pretty cool, huh?

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7 responses to “Throwback: He’s Got the Whole World…”

  1. Lisa Masteller says:

    Way too go! Man very nice! The lighting is key and it is really pulled together by some pretty imaginative and resourceful people. Love it!

  2. Andrew Hunt says:

    Splendid idea with the ball and projector. Nice work.

  3. Dave Swieszcz says:

    Holy Moly! Wow!

  4. jill says:

    This looks great! I am curious to know if the link that was given for the inflatable PVC sphere was where you actually purchased the balloon? The cost listed for materials for the project was $200.00 but the balloon alone was $395 for a 10′ size with no 12′ available at the link given.

  5. Refugio Sanchez says:

    can you send me all the info of the materials please I love your design. and how to do it???? Please

  6. David Siegel says:

    Great looking set. Do you put a fire retardant on any of the materials? Looks like a lot of flammable stuff.

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