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Hi Ho Silver

Joey Riggins from Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, Florida brings us this backdrop sporting silver, fabric squares.

They used 44 squares of metallic silver fabric attached to 1×1 pieces of wood on the left and right sides of the fabric. They screwed in hooks on the tops and bottoms of the wood and used small black chain to hook the squares together. They evenly spaced the squares out to make a grid on their back wall. Then they used wooden dowels from left to right on the top and third square to keep the squares’ shape.

For the side columns, they used ceiling grid and white fabric. The grid was riveted together and the fabric glued in. Once assembled, they made wooden boxes that attached to the ceiling and a small box (1×1’s) on the floor. Then they slid the columns over the boxes to keep them upright and in place.

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18 responses to “Hi Ho Silver”

  1. Aaron Springer says:

    I really like this! How did you get the fabric to stay straight at the bottom while, at the same time, allowing the fabric to drape down? Also, where did you get the fabric? Very cool!

  2. Kaleb Wilcox says:

    Looks Great! Random question, but what is the PA are you using in this picture?

  3. Joey Riggins says:

    The wooden dowels as shown in pic 4 was the key to the set working in such a uniformed manner. we cut them to the desired length (which was determined by how much we wanted them to drape) then glued them in to the 1 by’s so they had to keep their shape. Just a little experimenting goes a long ways with stage design. this was the third idea and worked great. The fabric was from some cheap place online. I don’t recall the name, it’s just a cheap metallic silver fabric.

    The P.A. is a db technologies line array system with 6 boxes on each side and 4 -18’s down below. Its is pushed by a yamaha ls9-32 and a nexia processing system. Each array box is set to hit a portion of the sanctuary at the same time and at the same volume so the back row hears exactly what the front row hear’s. Its provides even coverage throughout our worship space and a warm sound pleasing to most people’s ears.

    • Les says:

      Can you explain a bit further on how this dowel worked. Did you have one behind each square? Or was it one in between each vertical board? Also do you have any horizontal boards or it just the space that creates the black horizontal border?

  4. Joey riggins says:

    The wooden dowels run left to right from 1 by to 1 by. 1 by’s run north and south and hold the fabric in place using staples. The dowels are glued in to the 1 by’s on the top and third metallic panel in the strand of four.
    I hope I’m making sense. There is a picture of a dowel in the lineup of pics on the csdi website. And the black grid is just our back wall ( painted black) about a foot behind the fabric.

  5. Nice rig, Joey. I’m a worhsip leader and technical director designing sound, lights, video for a church up in Ohio, but I get down there to Panama City every few months (My brother-in-law is the pastor of the Panama City First Church of the Nazarene). I’d love meet you sometime and check out your church!


  6. Randi says:

    Hi there! I am the worship arts director at a smaller church in Willis, TX. I love this design! If you don’t mind me asking, how big are each of your squares? I’m also wondering how big your stage is. Thanks so much for posting this. It looks great!

    • Joey riggins says:

      Squares are 4×4 and the stage is 60′ wide by 25′ deep!!!
      Joey riggins
      Creative Director
      Lighthouse Church
      Panama City Beach, Florida

      • Joey riggins says:

        Sorry, i didn’t mention the Height from stage to ceiling is 18′. The stage is 3 1/2 feet tall I believe.

  7. Pastor Linda Serrano says:

    LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT, AMAZING JOB! My church is almost done with some remodeling in our facilities. The only thing thats being a little difficult for us is the stage. I would love to have this same backdrop. Our church is in Puerto Rico and would like to ask if its possible to see more pictures and close ups from the back to see if I can understand better how to build this. Our due date is Feb 28th.

    God bless and thanks for your help!

    Pastor Linda
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    • Joey riggins says:

      If you would, please email me a list of specific questions and a contact email for you and I will be glad to help you along in this process!!!

      Joey Riggins
      Creative Arts Director
      Lighthouse church
      Panama city beach, Florida

  8. John Darden says:

    Do you know roughly how much the fabric cost you? I’ve searched around and the fabric seems pretty expensive. Did you buy the fabric online or at a store? Thanks!

  9. John Darden says:

    I’m about to order all of the material from Rose Brand. Did you guys use the Silver/White or the Silver/Black?

  10. Jesse says:

    i’like like to have this made for my Church if it’s ok with you so I can send you money for it. Please let me hear from you thanks

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