Christmas Designs

Hiding in the Darkness

Dillon Klassen from Realife Church in Borger, TX brings us this these lights poking their head out from the darkness behind the columns and arches.

They had a budget of around $120.

They have over 20 LED’s overhead, so they wanted to warm up the stage with some regular lightbulbs. They used 4 On-Stage tri-pod stands that they already had sitting around and clamped one AmericanDJ Eliminator light to each stand. For the light, they used a regular Walmart halogen bulb ($8), and then used Apollo’s 1600 diffusion sheet ($10) in front to warm it up and “frost” the lights.

The trees were the Alpine Tree from Hobby Lobby – there were two 7 foot trees, and one 4 foot tree which they picked up during a sale (just over $100 for all 3).

They also wired the Eliminator’s and Christmas trees on dimmers.

Picketing Christmas Dippin' Dots

3 responses to “Hiding in the Darkness”

  1. Mike Fowler says:

    Wow! Very Impressive!

  2. Patrick Fore says:

    The lighting works, but I think there isn’t a clear design there. I think you could have added more trees or other design elements to break up the space. Those 5 arches are amazing to use to highlight elements. I think they are underutilized here. They are acting as big frames with out framing anything interesting. The crowd spots draw your eye to nothing.

    • Dillon says:

      Our church has had these arches for 20 years on our stage so we’re switching it up and not trying to highlight them for a different feel – that’s where our church is at right now. Also we had a budget of next to nothing as you read, so we used most everything we had sitting in storage!

      Would love to hear your ideas for what we could do as an alternative though. Thanks.

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