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Hula Hoopla!

Check out this design consisting of crumpled up paper and fabrics hung on hula hoops!

Alex Armstrong at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA brings us this creative design. He took large rolls of art craft paper (4’x200′) and crumpled them up for texture in the centers. Then he attached a linen type fabric (any translucent fabric like tule would work) to hula hoops and hung them from the ceiling. Pretty cool, eh?

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7 responses to “Hula Hoopla!”

  1. Brandon says:

    Hey guys, this came out looking great! I would love to incorporate the crumpled paper look. Any hints or tips that you may have learned doing this would be great. Like where did you buy the paper? Was there any method to your crumpling madness? Anything like that.

    • fromcross2throne says:

      Hey Brandon, I bought the paper from Schoolbox. Cut it the length you desire and crumple it to a rope shape and then spread it back out.

  2. Brandon says:

    Awesome. That sounds easy enough. By rope shape, do you mean that you just twisted the paper ?

    • fromcross2throne says:

      It'll look twisted, but you'll get better results if you squeeze it together. Don't do it too hard or too light. But of course, that's just what looked best to me.

  3. Justin says:

    Very cool idea by the way! What brand of led lights did you use for the crumpled paper effect and the hula hoops?

    • fromcross2throne says:

      Thanks Justin! The lights I used are chauvet colorado panels, but unfortunately they discontinued them. If you're looking for lights to do something like this, try the color dash par by chauvet. I normally don't recommend that brand, but budget comes first, right?

  4. Justin says:

    Yes sir! Thank you.. I will definitely be looking into it!

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