Christmas Designs

Icicle Ceiling

Richard Bergman from The Road Church Visalia in Visalia, CA brings us this cool winter look.

They wanted to do something different and this was the outcome. First, their creative team built a structure out of 2×4’s. Then with thin wire, they made a grid-like pattern that would be used to hang the crystals from. This part was a little tricky, but they came up with the idea to use scaffold nails to wrap the wire around for the grid pattern. They then created a pulley system that allowed them to articulate the heights and angle that the crystals would hang from. Finally, they repositioned their LED lights so that most of them would shine and refract off of the hanging crystals.

Lastly they used some wood they had piled up in the back to create the pallet trees and then simply fixed Christmas lights to them with a nail gun. The end result was something quite unique and eye catching.

All and all they spent roughly $500 dollars for all the materials, most of which were purchased at a local hardware store.






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  1. Khris says:

    What did you use for the crystals?

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