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Bobby Scott from Connection Point Church in Raytown, MO brings us this great LED tape design.

This design was built for their satellite campus. They mounted the LED tape to 1″ furring strips from Menard’s and Home Depot, painted black, to give them some structure so they would be easier to mount to the wall. They were mounted with 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. Everything was run via Ethernet cable. The DMX decoder connections were punched-down to a 24-port patch-bay, and each element was terminated with an RJ-45 keystone connector. Bobby custom-made each Ethernet cable to lessen the cable mess on stage, but pre-made cables could be used.

Two 30-channel DMX decoders were needed for the stage level elements. These, plus the Ethernet patchbay and the power supply were mounted in a 6U equipment rack to provide a tidy, single unit to set on stage to run the cables from. Each of the upper chevrons were powered by their own separate decoders.

Total expenditure was about $1000, and most of the supplies were purchased from Amazon.

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6 responses to “Inside Upside”

  1. Ryan says:

    Hi there

    I really like this design! And I think it might be something that I can do at my church! However, I’m brand new and have zero experience to church stage design. I’m curious if it’s possible if you can provide the Amazon link for everything you purchase?

  2. TROY B says:

    I love the design and I am very new to stage design as well. I am curious to find out if the stage box front side that the LED’S are mounted to is a wood surface/ plywood painted, or is it a clear / plastic that allows light from rear to shine through. It looks as if there are lights behind the stage boxes.

  3. troy m Bell says:

    So the LED’s are mounted to a 1″ wood pieces painted black and then attached to a wall. What did you make the wall out of? Is that a wood surface, Sheet rock, or something different that you’ve mounted them to?

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