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Jesus, Light it Up

David Little from Elevate Church in Morton, Illinois brings us this great design featuring a lit up Jesus sign.

To create this set they used 2’2 Coroplast panels affixed to each other with 1 1/2″ binder rings. The center section was rigged to a pulley system to raise up during worship to expose the drummer. The textured columns on the sides were made from aluminum screen material from Lowe’s – crinkled then lit with Chauvet Color Strips.

They had 3 WXGA projectors for the 3 screens – Epson EX7210’s 2600 lumens for about $500 each. The moving light fixtures in the picture were Chauvet Intimidator 250’s. They ran about $800 a fixture.

The stage was painted blue, with a metallic overlay, then clear coated with water based polyurethane. All water/latex based paints were used to reduce smell and dry time.

The “Jesus sign” is made from 4/4 poplar and had 2 and 3 foot t8 fluorescent light fixtures mounted to it. They had it hooked up to a cheap electric winch from Harbor Freight tools. They spent a total of about $650 for the whole element and got the idea from a Hillsong conference opener.

Bubbling Cut Out

12 responses to “Jesus, Light it Up”

  1. Steven says:

    What material did you use to make the screens?

  2. Mark says:

    How large are the pieces of hardwood that were used for the screens?

  3. Shawn Walden says:

    Looks Great! Where did you purchase the curtain liner/backer for the screen? also, were you able to custom order to the size you wanted?

  4. JD says:

    David, where did you purchase the light fixtures for the Jesus sign? How did you attach them to the popular?

  5. Johnny says:

    If any of you need movibg heads I sell them and prceeds go to missions, I sell moving heads 575wtts 2 color wheels and 2 gobos wheels, our if you want simpler ones also, We sell led par 64 – 3wtts edison bulbs (awesome) and wall washers 84 3wtt bulbs 1 mtr long 16 channels
    Let me know if anyone is intrested

  6. John says:

    My email is pastorlaroca@yahoo.com

    Send me ur email and i can send out some pixs of info


  7. Paulo says:

    Hello God Bless You All, I’m from Honduras and this is the web page that I’ve looking for!! Nice job

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