Christmas Designs

Large Flakes

Adam Taylor from Casas Church in Tucson, AZ brings us these fun, giant snowflakes.

They started by making light boxes out of 4×8 sheets of styrofoam–2 inches thick. They used an overhead projector to trace on the stencils of snowflakes. Then they used a hot knife to cut out the snowflakes, painted all the outside of the boxes flat black (exterior paint) and stretched white spandex over the inside of the white boxes.

They put one Color Kinetics Color Blaster in each light box. The different sizes of the snowflakes were: one 12’x12′; four 8’x8′; four 4’x4′ boxes. They hung strand LED lighting from IKEA on the side walls and did an overall wash with Color Blasters.

The Ghostly Tree Big on Stage

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  1. Adam Taylor says:

    Photo credit:
    Andrew Bourland
    Josh Lynn

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