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Largely Enough

Jimmy Hudson from The Rock of NEA in Jonesboro, AR brings us this app wall and giant text.

They used foam boards that they cut out with a jigsaw. The 6 boards cost about $100 total. They traced out the letters with an old school projector. To keep the letters the same size, they used the entire foam board so all of our letters came out at 8 ft tall. Jimmy didn’t even paint them. There was a side that didn’t have anything printed on them and the light blue color worked well with their lighting. The letters were stood up by attaching them to 6-foot poles that were mounted on a piece of wood. A church member already had these so they didn’t have to build them or buy them. See the pictures for a better idea. They attached the letters with simple clear zip ties that they put right through the letters. This really made the letter portable and moved on and off the stage quickly.

The square boards on the back wall were made of thin plywood that was cut down and the corners rounded. Jimmy used a paint can as a stencil for the corners. He hung the squares with drywall screws–one at the top middle and one at the bottom middle. He found that was easiest way to get them lined up. They used a string with a weight on the bottom to get their vertical line and a scrap wood block to put equal spacing between the squares. They painted most of them white and a few grey to create some depth.

They lit these with inexpensive LED Par cans.

They spent about $300 on the materials—including paint, foam boards, wood, screws, etc.





Over Throne Paper Plated Design

6 responses to “Largely Enough”

  1. Val says:

    Great looking stage – love foam board!

    • Jimmy Hudson says:

      Thanks! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. And the letters don’t have to be exactly perfect either. When you get away from them you don’t notice the rough edges.

  2. Teofilus says:

    i’ll imitate this design for my church.. permission please… lol

  3. Eli says:

    how big are those square? 2’x2′?

    • Jimmy Hudson says:

      I can’t remember exactly. It was either 18 inches or 24. I’d say cut some out and see what looks best in your space. We have this massive wall so I need them to be bigger or I would have been cutting these out for weeks. ha ha

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